United Way of Bartow County


The United Way of Bartow County seeks to alleviate the social problems facing our community through fund-raising and equitable disbursement of funds to local charitable organizations.


United Way of Bartow County seeks to provide adequate funding and guidance for member agencies to:
  1. Provide for immediate needs of those in crisis situations
  2. Meet long-term needs through the educational, emotional and moral guidance of children
  3. Enable financially or physically disabled people to become self-supporting


Our organization recognizes the value of reflecting the make-up of our community. We maintain a diverse workforce. We learn to communicate with, understand and value the differences in people. Our organization is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity. Each of us is important and contributes to the success of the United Way of Bartow County. We encourage awareness and education of staff, volunteers and constituents concerning diversity issues. Our commitment to diversity is long term and is reflected in the plans of our organization.


Since 1958 The United Way of Bartow County has represented the concerted efforts of our community to meet the needs of the physically, emotionally and financially challenged. This is done by a community-wide fund raising effort in September and October of each year and the studied disbursement of funds to participating agencies who meet and sustain The United Way of Bartow County qualifications.

The United Way of Bartow County is managed by a 20-member volunteer Board of Directors and operated on a daily basis by paid staff members. The Board of Directors and staff strictly adhere to the bylaws and the Policies & Procedures Manual. These instruments have been created to clearly define the relationship and responsibilities of The United Way of Bartow County (herein referred to as "United Way") and the qualified participating agencies, both current and prospective (herein referred to as "agencies").

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